Sustainability Report 2022


We are happy to share with all of you the first edition of the Poplast Group Sustainability Report, in which we describe our commitments and our journey towards the ambitious goal of sustainability.

Our plan, concretely translated into actions and documented through this report, aims to combine sustainable development with the growth of our business, creating value in the medium to long term for all our stakeholders.


Sustainability is integrated into everything we do, from procurement activities to production policies, from the health, safety and training of our collaborators to the existence of clear, transparent and effective governance.

In addition, our Group’s specialisation in medium- high-barrier flexible packaging, also intended for the food sector, allows us to play a leading role in achieving the ambitious goals of the sustainable transition.

Flexible packaging, thanks to its extremely light weight characteristics, minimises the use of raw materials and contributes to greater efficiency in transport (lower CO2 emissions), allows a lower use of energy resources during the production process and increases shelf-life, enabling the reduction of food waste.

These reasons place us among the major players of change, able to contribute significantly to global targets for reducing carbon emissions, while at the same time enabling the protection, hygiene and safety of packaged products.

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The Sustainability Report for the year 2023 will be available very soon.