Poplast flexible packaging for rice work with the great Italian rice – one of the excellence products of the production that is the envy of Europe.

1.5 million tons produced annually, 234 thousand hectares of land destined for the rise-growing in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Sardinia.

Italy, strong with such figures, is the undisputed queen of rice in Europe, holding alone half of the continental production.


Flexible packaging for rice multi-solutions

Whether it is rice to cook, artisan rice or ready-meal rice to be served at table, Poplast flexible packaging for rice is the best solution, thanks to the elasticity and versatility of our products.

For vacuum preservation, particularly suitable for the specific properties of gas barrier, Poplast mono-layer wraps are the answer to whom is looking for quality and competence.

Poplast packaging is the definitive solution for packaging rice wafers and multipacks, and any product made with this product that makes the Made in Italy great in the world.


Why Poplast flexible packaging

The label is a valid ally of the consumer: while indicating the site of production (or packaging) is mandatory, the label is also the place for product communications as the indication of the place of cultivation, or memberships in consortia.