Fresh Pasta


We produce our flexible packaging for fresh pasta according to the best market trends.

Thanks to the technical data below, Poplast products are perfect for fresh pasta packaging, suitable for modified atmosphere, vacuum packs and bags with specific features of gas barrier.


We design fresh pasta packages, including single-serve format

Our flexible packages ensure that food qualities are preserved for a long time. According to the market needs, we can produce single-serve packs, with resealable zip to easily open the pouches or bags according to contemporary lifestyles.


Plastic packaging with matting

Thanks to our solutions you can choose the matting finish, using plastic films made up of a glossy-opaque mix.

Their use creates a pleasant opaque effect of the packaging, which compared to the film brightness catches the consumer’s attention.

It is very pleasant to the touch, for a highly perceived customer experience.


Discover the other technical options

Customers can choose also the paper die-cutting in line.

Poplast proposes pouches and top lidding for trays: our multi-layer barrier films, though very thin, ensure quality performance for the sealing thanks to the excellent mechanical barriers used.

Find your packaging among the endless possibilities of flexible packaging for fresh pasta in the product gallery.