Baked foods


Snacks, biscuits, crackers and more: flexible packaging for baked foods are key protagonists of our tables.

They have always been one of the products that are most sought-after by families and not only, and consumers’ attention is increasingly focusing on green and solvent-free wraps.

This is why the flexible packaging for baked foods we propose is suitable to pack single-serve products for on-the-go consumption, such as the “smart” products.


Solvent-free packaging to protect the buyer

Our monofilm flexible packaging for baked foods is the best solution for a wide range of bakery, having different features but being unified in terms of quality and attention.

All wraps are strictly coupled without using solvents in order to preserve original taste and aroma, whilst fully protecting the end consumer’s health.

Wraps for primary and secondary packaging

Our first-rate plastic films guarantee protection and safety to baked goods, such as biscuits, snacks, crackers or other, making the best use of the packaging space.

So, we guarantee efficient brand communications, in order to talk to our end consumer when the product is consumed.

Whether your packs are pillow bags with or without gusset, doypacks for bulk shelf storage or gusseted pouches, Poplast is always by your side.