Dairy products


Milk is the main food of many Made in Italy delicacies. Flexible packaging for dairy products is specifically designed to protect this noble food from contamination.

There are almost 500 types of cheese produced in the whole peninsula, and 10% of this is guaranteed by the renown DOP logo. Furthermore, every day more than 20 million liters of “milk equivalent” (tanks, semi-finished, cheese, curds, powdered casein) pass the Italian borders.

The diversity of supply, the diversification of taste and the variety of geographical origins requires that the flexible packaging for dairy products are certified and can live up to the content.

Safe packaging

The needs of milk and butter transportation, along with the needs of cheese and yogurt retail, have led us to develop certified packaging.

The packaging of dairy products and cheese, by means of packs suitable for modified atmosphere, vacuum, with specific properties of gas barrier and highly resistant to water and fats, is one of our flagship productions.


High-speed packaging

Our packaging solutions, proved and verified, are at your disposal for high-speed packaging lines, minimizing waste and helping in day-by-day packaging.