We love the aroma of good coffee. This is why we designed the best flexible packs for coffee. Just to preserve essences and scents, once the package is opened.


Gusseten bags for coffee

The gusseten bags are definitely the favourite solution of market big players thanks to their flexibility and robustness. They are therefore suggested for flow pack packaging or in the quad side seal version. This packaging is also ideal for tea and solubles to preserve aroma, taste and integrity.


We make the best flexible packages for coffee

We provide ideal solutions for coffee packaging in bags of 500 grams to 5 kilos but also of coffee capsules and pods. Thanks to the high barrier against gas, the product packed in our bags does preserve taste and aroma.


Why our packaging

Our excellent solutions ensure a wide surface for printing in order to better convey the brand values and product communication.

Thanks to our practical customized bags, we also produce preformed bags as you can see in our gallery.