Flexographic printing


Standing between tradition and innovation, at Poplast, we always have a positive approach to new opportunities, such as wide format digital printing. But we are also bound to tradition, for opportunities linked to the cost of the “printing click”, so we also work with more traditional types of printing.

Flexographic printing for flexible packaging

By «flexographic printing of flexible packaging» we mean an indirect printing process using photopolymer matrices.


Machine fleet (including the latest state-of-the-art machines):

  • 2 flexographic printing machines BOBST F- SIX20 – 8 and 10 colors
  • 1 flexographic printing machine SCHIAVI EF4040 – 8 colors
  • 2 center drum flexographic printing machine Onyx UTECO – 8 colors
  • 1 center drum flexographic printing machine UTECO Diamond – 8 colors
  • 1 center drum flexographic printing machine UTECO Diamond – 10 colors


Max. printing board: 1290 mm
Max. printing format: 980 mm


Integrated controls of flexographic printing

All our machines are equipped with modern control systems for print defects, in-line control of barcode reading and off-line control of color tones with the most modern instruments currently available in the market.

In full Industry 4.0 spirit, the quality of machined parts is guaranteed by a complete interconnection of the production process.


Think Green today

To reduce atmospheric emissions, the department has two modern post-combustion thermo-regenerating plants, which process air at low temperature, by purifying it before it is released in the atmosphere, thus protecting the environment and public health.



“Predict and prevent”: with this goal in mind, in 2018 Poplast Group decides to invest in its Pre-Printing Department, combining its many years of experience as a Converter with its proven professionalism as technical experts, with the help of the most sophisticated software for color management and preparation of executive files for printing.

Today, we are able to support our Customers, starting from the creative phase, pointing out possible criticalities both in the printing and packaging phases, and offering timely solutions in order to avoid unpleasant forced revisions during the production phase.



Total control in color management not only ensures color balance, but also opens the way for the study and simulation of alternative color strategies. This path has led Poplast Group to have its own heptachrome strategy, called Pop7. With this solution, in addition to increasing ink performance, Poplast aims to eliminate ink waste shortly, with consequent benefits for the Environment.

Esko: a unique partner
Esko supports Poplast with its printing software solutions, with a view to digitizing Poplast’s production process.