In the world of coffee, packaging is fundamental not only for the transport of the product, but also to preserve its quality from roasting to consumption.
Coffee is particularly delicate and susceptible to deterioration: its incorrect storage would compromise the aroma, as well as many other organoleptic qualities.

monomateriale-packaging-caffe RECYCLABLE MONO-MATERIAL for coffee packaging

Coffee packaging to date: non-recyclable

In the majority of cases, the packaging available to the coffee market to date is generally made up from various layers of heterogeneous materials, including different types of plastics and aluminum.
There are currently no technologies that can make this assembly reversible, allowing for the separation of the materials to make them recyclable.

Such multi-layered structure usually involves the use of: polyester (PET), due to its characteristics of strength, printability, etc.; a part of aluminum with a barrier effect against gas, water and radiation; and polyethylene (PE) as a welding agent.

The solution: mono-material

Our solution has already obtained the certification of recyclability and maintains the same barrier, optical and mechanical properties as the multi-material.

A single layer of PP is able to achieve the same efficiency as the three different layers of multi-material, and the sealing layer can accommodate both polypropylene or polyethylene valves.

Aluminium-free and fully recyclable, our solution is available in different formats and is suitable, like multi-material, for any type of printing.

Technical information on mono-material for coffee packaging:

  • Possibility to apply aesthetic paints (paper or matt finish)
  • External printing support – high mechanical and thermal resistance transparent OPP (minimum thickness),
  • Rotogravure or flexographic printing,
  • Solvent-based lamination,
  • High performance metallized OPP barrier, offering protection against moisture (0.1) and oxygen (0.1), just like aluminium film;
  • PP CAST welding with high mechanical performance and perfect sealing welds. Suitable for PP and PE valves.
  • Welding temperatures reduced by 30°C compared to PET+ALU+PE.

Sustainability of mono-material

Our mono-material has already obtained the Cyclos certification for recyclability and complies with all key points in the guidelines in order to ensure a sustainable product:

  • reduction in overall thickness (less use of raw materials)
  • alluminium free
  • reduction of welding temperatures
  • maximum ease of implementation on existing packaging machines

To sum up

Today the coffee market can take advantage of completely recyclable and sustainable packaging that guarantees the same performance as its non-recyclable predecessors.

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