Poplast explains packaging in schools

The Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation has been supporting a proper packaging culture for years, which is why, among other things, it promotes with its Ambassadors various activities throughout the country that bring knowledge and truth to all levels of the population.


In this case, the educational project was aimed at elementary school.

Poplast, as the Foundation’s ambassador, has the burden and honor of telling children about plastic, explaining what it is, why we should not fear or demonize it, but on the contrary, use it well.

A few days ago, with Professor Paolo Galli, Andrea Ghu was at the elementary school in Romano D’Ezzelino (Vicenza).

Professor Paolo Galli, who is considered one of the most influential scientists in the field of plastics and related technologies, is one of the most successful figures in opening new frontiers in polymer science in the past 50 years.

Professor Galli simply and truthfully told the children, “I stand because I have plastic hips!”


It is important to explain to everyone, starting from schools, what are the benefits that today only thanks to plastics we can get for example in food preservation, but not only.

Andrea Ghu, commercial director of Poplast, explained in simple and understandable words why sustainable plastic is still the best solution for us and the environment.

It is also the task and responsibility of professionals to educate and inform, so that awareness of raw materials and education on how to use them will benefit everyone.