Paolo Torretta works in the Poplast Group as sales manager for the industrial sector.
He has been with the company for 18 years and his expertise has gradually grown until, in 2019, he was asked to leave the role of head of Italian customer service to personally follow the export of ‘no-food’ packaging, that is dedicated to industry.

packaging-flessibile-industriale PAOLO TORRETTA: flexible packaging industrial sector

Industrial packaging: high protection and barrier

Whether the function of our packaging is to accompany products on their journey, or to reach the end user, what is essential are the technical characteristics we must guarantee: resistance and barrier effect.
These two characteristics ensure the integrity and safety of the product at all times but also keep it protected from air (oxidation), light and humidity, which will cause its deterioration.

Don’t trust us: we certify

All our products are produced according to a design and production line characterised by very high quality standards. This means that they are able to provide even higher guarantees than the minimum required ones.

Food-safe even for industry

Our industrial packaging is also certified for food, despite not being strictly for use in that sector. We have made this choice in order to minimise any risk of error even in areas of the supply chain that are not under our direct control, such as the flow from the distributor (our customer) to the end user. Higher quality, higher protection, lower risk.

Certifications and beyond

We have gone well beyond the required certifications for our products, so much so that we have been placed on a short list of ONLY 3 COMPANIES in Europe authorised to supply flexible packaging for the US military sector (the only company in Italy).

Watchword: customisation

Everyone says it, but not everyone does it: customising a product does not mean putting its logo on the shipping packaging, or even giving a brand-name to something that already exists.
Our commercial policy is, on the one hand, to provide a complete range of ready-to-go products that allow customers to find what they need, but on the other hand our R&D department never stops designing new solutions, even from specific requirements.
Our proactivity consists in listening to the customer’s objectives and proposing solutions that represent the best possible match between effectiveness and convenience.

Product and performance

Our secret, if there is one, is technology.
Stringent laboratory tests lead us to create and supply films with exceptional technical characteristics, able to guarantee safety and performance in almost any environmental situation.

Coupled Barrier: as in a strongbox

One of the many products in our range, if we think of logistics, is the high-barrier laminated flexible film which, thanks to the lamination of 4 technical materials, creates a multilayer film that can guarantee:

Mechanical properties:

  • high mechanical resistance
  • easy weldability

Technical characteristics:

  • complete impermeability from water vapour and moisture
  • protection from ultraviolet rays
  • protection from acids and alkalis
  • protection from oxygen and other gases
  • odour barrier
  • preservation of printed colours

Available in different shapes and equipped with all the necessary certifications for export to any country (European and non-European), it is ideal for protecting, for example, long ship journeys of large pallets even with fragile and deteriorable contents.

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