Mauro Miorini: Meat and meat products


Among the specialists who have shown ongoing commitment and dedicated their expertise to each of our production and sales areas is Mauro Miorini.

Mauro is in charge of sales in the meat and meat products area: a very broad sector with specific requirements, both technical and commercial.



Mauro supports each client not only as a product specialist but also by drawing on decades of experience as a food technologist.
In fact, his career began and continued for a long time right within the cured meats industry.
“It is by working within the industry that one becomes familiar with its needs and dynamics, and this is the reason why customers today consider me more of a consultant than a salesman and often ask me for advice and opinions on how to optimize their production.”

Today, his expertise is also required by many companies that, in order to obtain and maintain certifications such as BRC (British Retail Consortium) or IFS (International Food Standard), must provide their employees with specific training and cultural growth.


“Once we clearly know what is needed, we can start from those needs and offer more. Alongside transportability, health & hygiene and shelf-life standards, with Poplast we can offer added value to the industry as a result of great attention to sustainability, also in terms of lighter packaging and carbon footprint.”


Next to consulting and product comes customization: “Just a few days ago we promptly provided a suitable solution to a company that had underestimated its own requirements: we took action to deliver in a very short time, thus avoiding production stoppages.”