Arnold Postma is sales representative for the Poplast Group for the sliced cheese and packaged bread sector in Northern Europe.
He is one of our ‘super-professionals’: technically very skilled but also humanly helpful and proactive. Essential links between the customer and the research and production departments.

postma ARNOLD POSTMA: flexible packaging for the sliced cheese and packaged bread

My career has always been in the packaging industry: after working for 25 years at companies in the sector, I chose to become a consultant for packaging films in the Northern Europe food industry, Arnold tells us.

The meeting with Poplast took place at the end of 2021 and since then Arnold has been the Group’s contact person for a strategically important European area.

Poplast is customisation

From the very beginning, collaboration with the company has been simple and fruitful thanks to short lines of communication and the direct contact with the sales and R&D departments.
The direct line with these departments puts me in condition to discuss the needs and particularities of each order, resulting in products tailored specifically on the customer.

Poplast is speed of reaction

In addition to this, the customer can count on a great response speed, which translates into:

  • Same-day order confirmations
  • Orders approved within 48 hours.

Poplast is stock availability

Thanks to the ample warehouse space that Poplast Group dedicates to the storage of raw materials, orders can be processed with great speed.
I am always sure that I do not have to wait for material procurement or for batches from different sources. For the customers, supplier reliability is definitely a point on which there is no question.

Poplast is sustainability

Another priority demand in recent years concerns sustainability: customers ask me for products based on eco-friendly materials.

Recyclable mono-material for cheese

In the cheese market, we have already succeeded in replacing common laminates with mono-materials, without any modifications to packaging machines and packaging systems.
Of course, the new mono-materials ensure the same product shelf life and the same (or even increased) physical and mechanical protection and barrier qualities.

Passing the strictest shelf life tests

The shelf life tests we carry out in the sliced cheese market have to confirm a shelf life of 90 days, and the packaging produced with our mono PP barrier materials confirms and exceeds the expectations and tests required by law.

Flexible mono materials on vertical and horizontal flow packs

The new sustainable materials are very adaptable and are used on both vertical and horizontal flow pack machines.
On the latest horizontal flow packaging lines, our tests demonstrate the achievement of 120 cycles per minute.

Poplast: a partner for the future

The demand for sustainable materials, able to adapt to any processing but guaranteeing the same characteristics as traditional ones, is now universal in all industrial sectors, and Poplast is able to satisfy them all.

This is also why choosing the Poplast Group means counting on a partner for the future, who knows how to face the challenges of sustainability by proposing concrete, valid and performing solutions.