The Packaging Oscar is the annual event that, since 1957, has been comparing innovative products from the sector in the Quality Design, Innovation and Environment categories.

We are delighted to announce that we are among the finalists for the 2024 edition with our “In & Out green coffee”: a printed bag made to switch from the classic PET/ALU/PE structure to a mono polymer structure.

Our product is made by laminating three different layers of the same polymer (PP).

The structure, made of our recyclable material (CYCLOS certified for 93% recyclability), allows

  • processing without substantial modifications to packaging machines using traditional materials (ready to use)
  • sealing bar settings with significantly lower temperatures (-25/-35°C)
  • application of freshness protection valves (if used)
  • weight reduction of 15 to 30% (depending on the starting structure)
  • reduction in electricity consumption thanks to de minimisation of the sealing temperatures
  • reduction of raw material used compared to traditional multi-material structures
  • excellent product shelf-life
  • complete hermeticity, easy-open (single-dose), also with easy-peel function
  • full compliance with the requirements of recent European regulations.

The bag is designed to contain coffee beans or ground coffee, but the same structure can be used to package food products that suffer from oxidation or moisture, or that require a particularly long shelf life.